Man Exposes Cheating Girlfriend On Facebook Live, Gets Shot On Camera


Raw cell-phone footage of man attempting to expose his girlfriend on Facebook LIVE after catching her naked in a motel room with another guy. After he confronts them an arguments ensues and he’s shot by her other boyfriend.
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  • Evans A Evans

    Typical nigger behavior.

    • Gideo

      Typical racist post.

      • David Huffman

        Out of two things, one where a man is fucking another man’s girlfriend and illegally shoots him with no remorse- and another where Evans A Evans merely mentions that this is typical behavior and uses a *gasp* offensive word- you choose to speak of the latter?

  • Bryan Bennett

    When you tell someone with a gun to go ahead and shoot me…there’s a pretty good chance he’s going to shoot you.

    • David Huffman

      If he is a ghetto piece of shit that fits about every stereotype that comes at a glance, then yes.. but any other person would not shoot you unless you were assaulting or threatening them in a serious manner.

  • Molsy

    niggers should not be allowed to have guns or money

  • CuntFarts

    The little laugh at the end wtf.

  • AbItCrAzE

    blm . . . Really? Why??

  • David Huffman

    “Our lives matter, stop shooting us- but let us shoot you and each other. Don’t profile me or judge me or use stereotypes to assess who I am, but let me fit that ticket anyway”

  • Seanybiker

    Well he did ask for it.

  • aba03

    “black lives matter” just not to us blacks.
    we don’t need racism to thrive, they do a good enough job eradicating themselves.

  • It Wasn’t Me

    Was that the girlfriend screaming?