Little Black Girl Cries In Fear When Police Pull her Dad Over, Police Respond Epically


According to WFAA-TV, Michael Harris was pulled over earlier this month while driving with his daughter Mikylie, who was napping.

During the traffic stop, Harris told officer Mike Collins that he is a concealed carry license holder and that he had a pistol in the car. Harris showed Collins his registration.

“I asked if he wanted to take it but he told me that wasn’t necessary,” Harris told WFAA.

Mikylie woke from her nap and overheard the conversation between the two men. She began to cry, Harris said, because she is scared of police officers.

“She’s seen a lot of stories on the news and one time she asked me why black people and white people are killing each other, I didn’t know what to say,” Harris said.

Mikylie expressed concern Collins would hurt her father.

“I don’t want her to feel that way about police,” Harris said.

The two men consoled Mikylie. Collins then showed Mikylie his patrol car, letting her play with the lights and giving her a sticker.

“It meant a lot to see him take the time,” Harris said.

Harris told WFAA that he wanted to share Collins’ act of kindness because he “wanted people to see black men and police officers getting along.”

Collins said Harris’ gratitude is “priceless.”

“Hearing ‘Thank you for doing your job’ meant so much,” Collins said. “It’s a pleasure to see someone raising their children so well. It renews your hope in humanity. Mr. Harris is an excellent dad.”

Harris did get a ticket during the stop. He told WFAA that it was “worth it” for the opportunity to teach his daughter that “police officers are protectors.”

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