Swedish police shoot knife-wielding man


Video reports to be Swedish police responding to an armed man with a knife call. They ask the man to drop the knife several times and finally shoot him.

More details to come, hopefully.

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  • White_People_Stink

    Why arent these pigs armed with mace, tazers, and riot shields as standard? Shooting someone is stupid.

    • TyrannMisu

      Shooting someone is indeed stupid, but you can see, that this single pig (not plural, please correct) that made it to dress as a human in the video is not part of the definition “someone”, but more like an “it”, so it’s ok to shoot it. I even can hear a pressed “allahu akbar” that makes it clear.

  • FedUp

    should have shot him more

  • Tick Tock


  • Mark Moe

    OMG! what were those police thinking!??! wait..wut? that wasn’t a black guy and it wasn’t in america? nevermind my bad. move along nothing to see here folks.