FLASHBACK! – Police Officer Performs ‘Skin To Skin’ Treatment On Man With Hypothermia, Saves His Life


This video is from 2014 but must be reposted for its increadable act of heroism.

The police Canadian officer went beyond the call of duty in a desperate attempt to save a man’s life.

A man’s canoe capsized in the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada. He was somehow able to swim to a deck and was helped by people that were standing nearby.

A nurse was among those people and she advised a police officer to use the skin-to-skin technique in order to keep the man warm.

The officer took off his shirt and used his body heat to keep the victim alive. He was taken to a local hospital and was treated for hypothermia.

He is now fine but owes a major “thank you” to officer David Jutras.

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  • CuntFarts

    Good work and good to know. I had hypothermia once it sucked.