Iowa Police Officer Disciplined For Pulling Suspect’s Dreadlocks


WATERLOO, Iowa –  An angry officer repeatedly yanked on the dreadlocks of a handcuffed black man who was arrested after a dangerous high-speed chase in Iowa, then twice hit him on the back of the head.

Video obtained this week by The Associated Press shows Waterloo officer Adam Wittmayer briefly assaulting 24-year-old Montavis Keller and calling him names after the April 19 chase.

A state prosecutor concluded in June that no criminal charges were warranted against Wittmayer because jurors would understand why he was mad.

Keller is charged with nearly hitting Wittmayer with his car at the end of the chase after Wittmayer put down tire-puncturing sticks to disable it.

Waterloo Police Chief Daniel Trelka says Wittmayer was disciplined and that he doesn’t condone the officer’s behavior.

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  • White_People_Stink

    Here we see again, the stupid redneck behaviour of your typical
    American pig. Note the foul language,and the abuse both verbal and
    physical. Uncalled for as the suspect had yielded totally and was in a
    position where he posed zero threat.

    This idiot “Occifer” Adam Wittmayer doesn’t seem to understand what
    the separation of powers is – that is why we have the political,
    judicial, and police systems, so that one does not overlap with the
    other. This dipshit cop thinks that additional to police enforcement, it
    is his job to execute punishment. It is not. That is the job of the
    judiciary. This clown failed his basic training.

    This is why people hate cops. They are just thugs in uniform.
    Disciplined? This pig should have been charged with a felony. He is the
    type not to be trusted.

    • Haywould Youblowme

      Maybe if your chimp braids weren’t in the way it wouldn’t of gotten pulled. And we don’t use foul language you filthy nigger! You niggers always pose a threat! But everything else you say is totally true.