Oklahoma City Police Officer Stops Alleged Rape At Park


OKLAHOMA CITY –A pair of alert Oklahoma City officers catch a crime in progress at a Southwest Oklahoma City park overnight.The police report states they were patrolling the area around SW 81st and Western Ave. when they noticed a Ford Explorer with its lights off inside of Lightning Creek Park, just after midnight. The park was closed and the report states when the officers drove up to the car, they found Alonso Contreras, 32, zipping up his pants.

They also found a woman wearing only a bra who had blood running down her face. She reportedly ran to the officers begging for help saying she had been beaten and raped.

“She was actually walking somewhere in Oklahoma City and the male driver offered to give her a ride where she was going,” said Officer Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “She accepted the ride, got into the vehicle – and instead of taking her to where they agreed – he pulled into this park and then assaulted her.”

Oklahoma City Police also found a stun gun laying on the ground. The victim told police Contreras had shocked her with it after he punched her several times in the face.

Contreras is in jail currently being held without bond accused of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and rape.

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