Bodycam Shows Fatal Shooting Of 38-Year-Old Homeless Daniel J. Wooters By Police In Indiana


Evansville, IN – Police in southern Indiana have released body-camera video of a homeless man being fatally shot by officers in March soon after he allegedly charged an officer with a knife and stole her squad car.

The Evansville Police Department released the footage of 38-year-old Daniel J. Wooters getting shot.

It shows Wooters stepping out of the squad car with a knife, then moving slightly toward officers before police start shooting. Police say three officers fired, hitting Wooters seven times.

A department spokesman said the video supports officers’ accounts, including that Wooters refused commands to drop a knife.

Vanderburgh County coroner’s office has said Wooters was listed as homeless but had family in Carbondale, Illinois.

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