Watch This Fearless Six-Year-Old Girl Try To Stop An Axe-Wielding Robber


Sarah Patel, six, is being hailed ‘the bravest little girl in the country’ after confronting an axe-wielding attacker and leading a person to safety during an armed robbery.

Her father Suhail’s Auckland, New Zealand electronics store was being ransacked by six people on Monday afternoon.

CCTV footage reveals the moment Sarah, fleeing, trips and falls, then grabs the man wielding an axe.

Taken aback, the man, who was standing over one of her father’s employees, pauses.

Sarah then runs off, before being seen leading another person to safety outside the store.

Mr Patel told TVNZ his daughter was ‘very brave’. ‘I’m proud of her, definitely.

‘I think she thought they were trying to hit [the employee] she maybe thought she could help.’

He said Sarah was shocked by the ordeal but was getting better.

‘She did an amazing job – we only found out after watching the CCTV footage.’

Sarah said she was trying to save her father’s employee and that she wasn’t scared by the ordeal.

The Patels pursued the six alleged robbers who fled in a stolen car.

Police then apprehended five of them, all boys aged 16, according to

Another was still at large.

Police said all five arrested would be charged with aggravated robbery, injuring with intent, and breaching bail.

The vehicle’s driver would be charged with unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, reckless driving and aggravated failing to stop, it was reported.

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