Angry Musim Man Breaks Traffic Cop’s Leg Over 50 Dollar Parking Ticket


Footage of the moment a traffic warden’s leg was broken during an altercation with a man he had issued with a ticket, has been released.

The officer was attacked by Shamal Karim Asaad, 30, in Peterborough on 1 September 2015.

The officer’s bodycam shows him repeatedly telling Asaad to “back off” before falling and breaking his leg.

Asaad, of Kipling Court, Peterborough, denied grievous bodily harm but was found guilty and given 18 months.

On Wednesday, Peterborough Crown Court also gave him three months each for two further charges of destroying and damaging property, to run concurrently.

The civil enforcement officer, who works for Peterborough City Council, described what happened as “one of the most terrifying [moments] of my life”.

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  • Unvarnished_Truth

    Muslims are thugs but so are traffic wardens. So this is a win win for us. Muslim goes to jail and jack booted thug gets a broken leg.

  • Robert Stack

    Cannot stand traffic wardens but he was well within his rights to pound this Muslim piece of shit into the concrete.

  • Molsy

    Eradicate all muslims & africans.