Drunk Man Climbs Bridge To Commit Suicide, Changes His Mind, Falls To His Death By Accident


A man who decided he wanted to take his own life by jumping off a bridge changed his mind but then accidentally fell to his death as he tried to climb back to safety.

The incident was caught on camera at the Crimean Bridge in the Russian capital of Moscow.

The clips shows the unnamed 22-year-old attempting to make his way down from the structure with a rescuer in front of him after having been persuaded to change his mind about his suicide attempt .

One eyewitness told local media: “A bystander put his own life at risk and decided to climb up and talk the guy down, and he managed to persuade him to follow him back down to the ground.”

But the man lost his balance on the high bridge before falling forward and hitting the concrete below.

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  • DontBeNosey

    Gutted. I wanted to see the splat.

  • Don

    Too bad, so sad. Lol. One less idiot that could hurt people around him by his stupidity. Too bad the idiot that risked his life for that jackass didn’t fall with him. By the way, if the so called savior had NOT tried to save him, what would have happened? He might have came down on his own and not fell while trying to scoot his ass behind his savior. In other words, mr. hero is probably the one that cost him his life. Reality is FAR stranger than fiction folks!

    • Seanybiker

      And if my aunty had balls she would be my uncle. The fella was trying to help was all.

      • Don

        ROFL! Yep, that went well huh? I hope if I ever need help, he is nowhere to be found!

  • Robert Stack

    Just proves that some people cannot be be saved…

  • Daniel Dubois

    vote for bernie sanders or suffer under king trump and his narcisistic monarhy