Detroit House of Horrors! Man abducts woman, ties her up in house, tortures, stabs and rapes for days


– Detroit police say they have made an arrest after a woman was held hostage and raped, stabbed and beaten for multiple days.

Police say they took a 49-year-old man into custody late Sunday night. The 54-year-old woman is still in critical condition Monday morning.

Police say the victim was walking to her SUV on Thursday at about 10 p.m. The suspect went up to her, forced her back into her car and brought her to a vacant house in the 13000 block of Schoolcraft Avenue, which is near Schaefer Highway.

The woman was held captive for several days before she was able to break out a window, escape and get help. She escaped when the attacker left the house and drove off in her car.

Neighbors can’t believe something like this happened so close to home.

Police say the victim’s 2002 Ford Explorer has been found.

Police have not yet named the suspect.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said they do not believe the victim knew the suspect.

“We believe it was random in the manner in which she was abducted. Certainly he used a weapon,” he said.

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