A Group Of Thugs Try To HighJack A Car At Gunpoint In South Africa, Instant Justice Is Served


A group of carjackers discovered that a gun and a bad attitude is no match for nearly two tons and a lot of inertia.

The above video took place in South Africa across a stretch of highway known for armed highjacking.

This driver wasn’t about to be a victim on this day. The car didn’t hesitate and ran over one of the thugs and never looked back.

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  • Haywould Youblowme

    Lol watching that nigger fly through the air was fucking hilarious. I pissed myself.

    • hang3xc

      Watching his buddies bail and abandon him was equally amusing

    • joe800

      They can’t swim but they can fly…

  • Charlie Frost

    YESSSSSSS!!!! When someone points a weapon at you, you hit them with a bigger weapon

  • CuntFarts

    It should be perfectly legal to do this.

  • heard that splat sound after the bump noise?