“Inspired by ISIS,” “out to kill an Aussie” Muslim man severs a man’s fingers in Knife attack


Via Daily Telegraph :

THE wife of a man critically injured in a terror attack at Minto yesterday said the grandfather and carpenter may never work again after losing several of his fingers in the vicious assault.

Ihsas Khan, 22, was yesterday charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder after allegedly stabbing Wayne Greenhalgh, 59, as he walked his dog along Ohlfsen Road, Minto, on Saturday afternoon.

Police believe Khan, who was renowned for his “odd’’ behaviour — including his fiery street preaching where, clad in white robes, he yelled Koranic verses at his neighbours — was inspired by Islamic State and stabbed Wayne because he thought the man embodied Australian culture.

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  • Craigster

    The liberal worm wants to import more of these wonderful people into YOUR neighborhoods.

  • MajorLord

    Its a good thing that Australians are not allowed to own guns anymore….otherwise, someone might have got hurt. Remember, when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.

    • Jack Crowe


    • Seanybiker

      If they where allowed guns then the mussie cunt would of having a gun also . Hard to shoot back after some isis cunt has shot you already

      • MajorLord

        Your grammar, spelling, and impressive vocabulary are as poignant as your point. Actually, I have found that getting shot, and getting shot at, is a great motivation to shoot at bad guys, but I guess as far as you are concerned, “all’s well that ends well.” Good luck with that philosophy. Aussies can keep their Queen, we will keep our freedom and our guns.

        • Seanybiker

          haha yeah freedom. seems to be working out great for you lot.

          • bik

            Stupid and gutless is no way to go through life. Even for a loser like you.

        • Haywould Youblowme

          Dame straight! I got my 30-06 winchester sighted in at 1200 yards. We have the lowest crime rate in the nation.

      • Grutch

        Cucked Aussie. I hope the Muzzies knife you and fuck your women.

        • Seanybiker

          Gonna be awkward since I’m Irish you fucking spastic donkey. Some Fags on this site. No wonder yer father probably fucked off and left ya with a fat cancerous mother

          • Grutch

            LOL! Fistbump to you Seanybiker. Have a Beer.

        • MajorLord

          Grutch, now now, remember that the mean IQ in Australia is about 72, and it is a land populated with the descendants of criminals. They worship their Queen and socialism with equal fervor, without any sense of contradiction. Alcohol abuse is normal from pre-school on-wards. Can anyone give me a good example of something Australia has brought to the Western World of any value? Snakes? The opera house ( Really? Australians listening to opera? Who are they trying to kid?) They have no tradition of the concept of Unalienable Rights. Clearly Seany has an alcohol or drug problem. Is their obesity in America? Yup! Just as in OZ, but inbred? We have the most diverse culture in the free and not so free world.

  • brian smithers

    Islam is Invading..!

  • Jake

    Fucking muzzy POS. If the Aussie government didn’t force a gun buyback that savage would be parted out by now. Let the American people learn from this. We currently may not be as free as we would like to be, but we still have our guns. The US government knows they would be making huge a mistake by forcing us to surrender our weapons, no matter how much chaos and division the left injects into our country in efforts to invoke Marshall Law, and no matter how much the leftist indocrinate our youth through “education”.

    • Grutch

      That scenario gave every Aussie leftist a sexual orgasim. Deep down inside, their twisted heart warms to the situation where a person is left undefended when facing a knife wielding attacker. Even the pussy police that the people relied on for protection drove away in fear! This is the perfect example of what the Left wants for you, for they truly are mentally unstable. I hope the injured man was one who supported the disarmament, I hope all those pathetic women who initially ran away from the muzzie threat then risked their lives to retrieve their bags have nightmares for days thinking on what environment they have made for themselves.