Attorney High On Bath Salts Gives The Police One Hell Of A Time


GULF BREEZE, Fla. — A Manatee County criminal attorney faces a bevy of charges for an incident in Gulf Breeze on Saturday.

Officers believe that 35-year-old Terra Carroll might have been under the influence of bath salts during her chaotic arrest which was caught on camera.

“She was messed up on drugs,” Gulf Breeze Police Chief Robert Randell said. “The reason why they were after her was they thought she was DUI and they were just trying to stop her.”

According to the police report, Carroll led Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputies on a pursuit westbound on Highway 98. She was reported doing over 70 miles per hour and swerving onto sidewalks. Gulf Breeze police were alerted that she would be entering city limits in the wrong lane and so officers set up. Dash camera video from an officer’s patrol car captured the moments after they were able to box her in.

“I can’t see, there’s a glare on the window,” an officer shouts to a deputy as they approach her vehicle.

Carroll was asked to unlock her car, but she did not. An officer had to break her passenger’s side window.

“Just do what we ask you to do,” the officer said.

Once the officer opens her door, she is heard telling officers she has a gun. An officer tells her not to reach for it. Seconds later, she said that she does not have a gun.

“You don’t, okay,” the officer said.

Officers asked her again to unlock her door. A deputy is then seen walking around to the driver’s side and breaking the window to get her out. According to the report, before they grabbed her, she flipped the car into reverse.

“Car’s moving, car’s moving,” the officer yelled before jumping though the car window and throwing it into park.

A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputy was injured when Carroll’s vehicle went into reverse. The deputy was hospitalized, but has been released and is recovering.

Carroll was arrested and faces eight charges combined from Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office and Gulf Breeze Police Department. Charges include: assault on an officer, aggravated battery, eluding police, reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs.

According to the report, green flakes, a white powdery substance and “bath salts jar” were seized from her vehicle. The suspected drugs have been sent off to Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab for testing to confirm.

The Florida Bar told WEAR-TV, at this time, Carroll is a member and “in good standing with no disciplinary history.” Per Bar rules, attorneys must notify the Florida Bar within 10 days after an entry of determination or judgment for any criminal offense.

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  • CuntFarts

    Surprised they didn’t fill her with bullets when the car started rolling.

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    What an awesome drug. I can’t wait to do it