China-CCTV Captures The Moment One Cop Stabs Another Over Sleeping With Wife


China-Most people think of the police as the last line of defense between the good guys and the bad guys. So what do you think when you see something this extraordinarily shocking?

CCTV cameras rolled as one Chinese police officer confronted another over having sex with his wife.

The angered cop pulled a long knife and stabbed alleged cheater multiple times, killing the man.

We will follow up on what happened with the offending officer when information is available.

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  • Haha Joe

    Sleep with my wife, i stab u with my cock

  • Dan

    What was wrong with using the gun? And why stab him? Stab the bitch that let him fuck her.

  • Digital Bullet

    The reason this happened like this is because it is very hard for men to find women in China, due to China’s strict two kid policy the number of women being born has dropped dramatically, so it’s causing all types of problems, Men out number women something like 2 to1 it’s that bad, so screwing someone’s wife is a serious thing and probably is highly illegal