The Angriest Neighbor On The Planet Gets Arrested


Brazoria County Sheriffs Office have released footage from an arrest last month involving a belligerent man.

After neighbors called the cops while hearing a domestic dispute occurring across the street a female officer was approached by an
elderly black man by the name of Floyd Lee Jammer Jr, who was threatening to sick his dog on her if she entered his property.

After several attempts to get the man touching his dog up other officers were called in for help.

During their arrival several male officers were able to get the man to chain the dog up, however the man still refuse to leave the dogs vicinity which kept cops at bay.

During the 17 minute argument cops seized on a moment when the elderly man came close to one of the male officers.

As you can see the arrest went completely by the book, no punches were thrown, no chokehold’s or any other tactic was used that has been labeled ‘police brutality’ by protesters around the nation.

However, the story quickly seems to change when the neighbors show up and begin claiming they saw police do things that never happened. The wife also threw fuel on the fire by proclaiming the cops did several things that also never happened.

This is what cops go through on a daily basis, people refusing to comply with simple requests that result in even greater problems for them down the road. The media doesn’t show you the side of the story.

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  • CuntFarts

    Never in my life have I tried to get my way by lying. All these videos have that in common… nobody is fuckin honest.