A Gang Of Girls Lure Another Girl So They Can Beat Her Like An Animal And Post It On Snapchat


A 15-year-old was allegedly battered by five teenage girls who lured her into a trap and attacked her ‘like animals’ before posting the footage online.

The teenager, whose mother has requested is named only as Michelle, claims she was set upon outdoors in Stockwell, South London.

screenshot_2102The schoolgirl went to hospital after cracking her head open and suffering two black eyes, a swollen cheek and cuts on the Stockwell Park Estate.

The group allegedly shoved Michelle to the ground and kicked her before stealing her shoes last Tuesday at 8pm.

Her aunt Aieshsa Rozario, 32, said: ‘Michelle was with a friend when the girls came along and said they wanted to talk to her.

‘They tricked her into going over and the rest of the girls all jumped her. The reason they attacked her is because they wanted her to fight another girl with them.

‘But she refused so they thought she was setting them up and beat her up instead. If she had not refused it would have been six people on someone else.’

The mother-of-one added: ‘She doesn’t even know the girl they were talking about, she just knows of her. They were kicking her in the head.

‘The girls were filming Michelle while they were attacking her and put a video online to brag about what happened.

‘Michelle is really nervous and shaken by it – she just looks like a bag of nerves. She is scared to go out and we do not want to let her out anyway.

‘Whenever I watch that video it makes me feel really angry and a little bit sick. We want to bring these girls to justice.’

Her family, who do not live on the Stockwell Park Estate, said Michelle was in the area with a friend and knew her attackers but was not friends with them.

Michelle was taken to St Thomas’ Hospital in Vauxhall by ambulance following the attack and checked over before being released later the same night.

A video allegedly showing the attack – which Michelle’s family claim was posted by the teenagers on Snapchat – has been viewed more than 14,000 times.

Michelle’s mother, who has two children and did not wish to be named, said: ‘I just feel heartbroken and disgusted. I couldn’t even watch the video.

‘I couldn’t even listen to her screams and the kicks. The attack only lasted a couple of minutes, but Michelle said she felt like it was forever.

‘It has left her really shaken up. I don’t want her going out of the house in case they come back for her. She wants to continue with life but I am scared for her.

‘We just really want these girls to be brought to justice before they do that to someone else, and this time kill them.

‘For all they know they could have killed Michelle with a kick – they would never have known, they just wanted to act like animals. Five girls on one person – it is horrible.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Police are investigating the assault of a girl in Stockwell.

‘Officers were called to Stockwell Road, SW9 at approximately 8.10pm on Tuesday, September 13 to reports of a girl, aged 15, suffering injuries after being assaulted by up to five females.

‘London Ambulance Service attended and the victim was taken to a South London hospital for treatment to minor injuries.

‘One girl, 14, has been arrested on suspicion of GBH (grievous bodily harm), and has been bailed pending further enquiries to a date in early November.

‘Enquiries into the circumstances continue. Officers from Lambeth investigate.’

Since 2007, housing association Network Homes has invested more than £139million regenerating the Stockwell Park Estate.

A spokesman for SW9 Community Housing, which manages the estate and is part of Network Homes, said: ‘From the video footage itself it is impossible to identify whether the incident took place on our estate.

‘We have established that the girl who was assaulted is not a resident of the Stockwell Park estate.

‘We are checking our CCTV footage and liaising with the local police to try to establish the full circumstances.

‘If we discover that all or some of the perpetrators are resident on the estate, we will take appropriate action.’

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