Idiot Live Streams Police Incident For Black Lives Matter, Ends Up Incriminating Himself On Drug Charges


A 23-year-old Texas man is in jail facing 11 charges, including drug possession after he incriminated himself during a routine traffic stop that escalated, while he streamed it on Facebook Live. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, police pulled Dominique Desha Green over at around 4:30 p.m. on [September 9] and accused him of having failed to use a turn signal and failure to wear a seat belt.

But Green disputed those allegations throughout the 13-minute-recording that he took of himself interacting with the arresting officers, and waiting as they ran his license plates in the background; saying that he had been sitting idly in the vehicle’s passenger seat, while parked at an AutoZone when he was approached. At one point during the video, Green makes the foolish mistake of admitting that he was carrying an illegal narcotic, and proceeds to stash it before the officers return.

“Let me get this all out my pocket first. Before I get to tripping out even more on these h**s,” Green says at around the 10:30 mark. He then knocks the camera away so as not to show where he put the bag. “I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of all kind of s**t.”

Green had been protesting the stop up until that point, professing that he was being stopped for being Black, and getting into a back and forth with officer Kristopher Trotter, who he reminded was a civil servant who worked for him. At one point he gets out of the car and yells, “Black lives matter!”

After convening at their cruiser, the officers return, with an assisting officer coming up from behind, opening the passenger seat door, and grabbing Green by the wrist to place him under arrest as he engages in a dispute with Trotter through the driver side window.

After detaining Green, and adding the charge “resisting arrest,” the officers reviewed the recording and added the drug possession charge. He also got slammed with an amalgam of additional charges, including harassment of a public servant for allegedly threatening to kill Trotter and his wife and sexually assault his daughter. He is being held at the Dallas County Jail on $229,500 bail.

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