The SHOCKING Moment A Woman Accidentally Runs Over 3 Children In A Parking Lot


A woman, driving a Mercedes ran over 3 young children as they sat playing in a parking lot.

CCTV footage in China shows the moment the Mercedes ran over the 3 young kids, 2 are in stable condition and one is in a coma but is expected to recover.

One must question why these young children were sitting in the middle of the parking lot and why are they not supervised.

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  • FyUoCuK

    wtf are they doing playing in a parking lot? their parents are idiots

    • Daniel Dubois

      Did you just blame the kids? You fucking idiot? Are you in the UK? I hope you are.. hows those muslims working out for you?

      • FyUoCuK

        can you not read? hows your fathers trial for touching you inappropriately going?

  • Female asian drivers, they’ll get after ya.

  • I_Hate_CopsWiggasNiggasTheists

    Excellent population control. Theres umpteen videos of Asians running over kids, proving as always that they are the worst drivers in the world.

  • let’s show this video to our children so they learn not to play in the parking lot