White Cop Repeats What Black Guy Said, Cop Is Accused Of Racism


PADUCAH, Ky –A video making the rounds on social media is calling a local police officer’s racial sensitivity into question.

The video was taken outside the Brickhouse nightclub in Paducah over the weekend. The person who shot the video says a police officer used a racially insensitive slur. You do not hear the officer say the word in the video, but the officer responds to questioning that he did say it.

Paducah police say the officers were responding to a complaint. As for why his officer used an offensive word, Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill says his officer responded to a question about why they were there, and that’s when the officer used the offensive word.

Barnhill says the officer repeated what someone else said to the officer when they first got there. Barnhill says the officer should not have used the word, and they are addressing that with him.

The remark can be heard at around the 5:50 mark. The officer seems very understanding, even asks the men to smoke the weed outside and not in the establishment, seeming to want to help arrive at an amicable solution to keep all parties happy.

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