“I Will Destroy You!” 26 yr old MMA Fighter unleashes on a defenseless teen



The horrifying minute-long clip shows 26-year-old Paul “Anthony” Cojocaru landing a series of sickening blows on the defenseless teen’s face as he cowers on the sofa.

Cojocaru, a personal trainer who practices martial arts, then drags the boy onto the floor, stamping on his ribs and head while the person filming half-heartedly tells him to stop.

“I will destroy you,” the thug tells the unnamed teen during the attack, threatening to kill him if he calls the police.

Police in West Deptford, New Jersey, US, arrested Cojocaru after the clip made its way onto Facebook and went viral.

West Deptford Police Chief Samuel DiSimone said they were told the teen had knocked over the suspect’s Red Bull.

“He got upset. Well, they left. This Paul Anthony and his girlfriend left, came back at like four in the morning,” he said.

“The juvenile was sleeping, and he’s woken up to getting a beating by this guy.”

“The most important part to me is that the juvenile is safe. He is not in danger any longer.”

Cojocaru was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats in early April this year, although there has since been no further information on the case.

Since the clip came to light, it had been reported by several news outlets that Cojocaru is now a professional MMA fighter.

However, there is no record of a “Paul Cojocaru” apparent on any MMA database in the US.

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  • White hood friends

    He is tuff.

    • Haywould Youblowme

      He so tuff. He beat up a fat kid for no reason. The roids shrank his nuts

  • I_Hate_CopsWiggasNiggasTheists

    this way old…..struggling to find clips off Youtube to use for this site?

  • Luigi

    I bet his cell mate big bubba is hiting hard cojocaru buttocks with a 12″ red bull, and cojocaru now became a jail lady. Lol

    • SirSmellsalot

      Wow. Your homo-erotic fantasies tell a lot about you. I bet you have the whole scenario worked out in your head, huh? BUSTED! Better get back in your closet before your wife figures it out.

      • Luigi

        So you agree with a big guy abusing a kid, you don’t need to be busted you already came out of the closet, I bet you are so tuff that you even rape you own mother, change sir for lady go back to the kitchen and finish washing those dishes Sir.. You got to be kidding

        • SirSmellsalot

          Whatever you say, tinkerbell. LOL! So fucking busted!

          • Luigi

            damn girl quit steppin on my dick!

      • Luigi

        You like better when a big guy abuse the kid Sir, I’m pretty sure that you are so tuff and so macho man that you even rape you own mother, sissies like you and the tuff guy in the video are the same only abuse the weak and defenseless Sir; better lady go back to the kitchen and finish washing those dishes.

  • Don

    Lol. Talk about all brawn and no brains. He’s telling the kid to not tell the cops as he is being FILMED! Too funny.

  • theymusthatetesla

    I work with one of these degenerates….laziest bastard I’ve ever encountered.

  • CuntFarts

    I’m against the death penalty but all for vigilante justice. This guy should probably be killed just for the good of society. Anyone who does that once, on camera, will surely do it again many times and worse.