Russian Teen Taking An Extreme Selfie Falls 9 Stories To His Death


A Russian teen spent ten terrifying minutes desperately trying to climb back onto the roof of a high-rise building before falling to his death. No one helped, not even those filming him.

He was filmed clinging to the edge by his fingertips before his strength failed and he fell nine floors.

Medics who turned up at the location in the town of Novy Urengoy in north central Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug said the 19-year-old had been killed instantly.

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  • CuntFarts

    A well-deserved death.

  • opinionated_too

    Now, some guy has to come out and shut off his car alarm. How inconsiderate!

  • Haywould Youblowme

    Lol hilariousness

  • Grutch

    No doubt he was stupid. I did plenty of stupid things when I was a kid too. The fact that people stood there with a phone cam for 10 minutes and didn’t bother to race up to the roof and rescue him is what utterly disgusts me.

    • Don

      For someone to risk their life trying to help his dumbass would make them dumber than he is. I think it’s funny. One less retard to deal with. This no doubt saved other lives. Like a child that he would later run over because he’s taking a selfie while driving, etc. I have NO sympathy whatsoever for people who get killed doing dumb shit.

  • Don

    AWWWW! No one helped the poor little fella. ROFL! I wouldn’t have either. I would have been laughing til I cried. This is darwinism at it’s best folks. Selfie that motherfucker!

  • Chocolate Giddy-Up

    Thats humanity for you these days. First instinct to pull out a camera and record so that you can post it on the internet for views and attention. But if that was your ass up there, you would complaining as to why nobody is running to help

    • Robert Stack

      If you’re up there, you deserve it!

    • Matthew Renaud

      If you are stupid enough to do this in the first place, then what do you expect the main reaction to be, he got what he deserved. As the old saying goes, you play with fire you are going to get burned. You play with snakes you are going to get bite. If you dangle from rough tops your bound to fall and crack your head open. Just think of it this way, he wanted to be famous, well know he is.

    • BenDrinkin

      So you are watching from down below and want to be a hero so you go up to help. He’s already fallen, but if he hasn’t, he might pull you over as you try to help. Not sure what else could have happened here, he was on his own.

  • I_Hate_CopsWiggasNiggasTheists

    Hilarious. But so many of these stupid fuckwits have had this happen to them. There was a time when people had a brain and would employ common sense, but now every retard milennial is desperate for Youtube fame and dreams of being the next James Kingston. Splaatt!!!! lololol

  • trollingtrollstrollingtrolls

    Typical white shit. Nothing to see here

    • Robert Stack

      Yeah, like blacks are not over represented in the Darwin awards you racist CUNT.

      • trollingtrollstrollingtrolls

        Im a white male you stupid CUNT.

        • Robert Stack

          Duh, Of course you are you trolling CUNT!

          • trollingtrollstrollingtrolls

            Your mad because you thought I was anything BUT white you CUNT!

          • Robert Stack

            No, you anger me because you use the name of a trolling CUNT! You couldn’t possibly be anything but white…..

            …and stupid!

          • cornz

            YOU’RE, you thick illiterate CUNT.

  • mel mackinnon

    Yeh gotcher Darwins theory at work there.

  • DontBeNosey

    That will happen to those other crazy shits that dangle from skyscrapers soon.

  • cornz