Thugs Pick The Wrong House To Break Into, Woman Has A Gun, Now One Is Dead


Gwinnett County police released 911 audio as well as surveillance video on Thursday of two suspects connected to a home invasion that resulted in the death of a third suspect last week.

The release of the surveillance video comes a day after officials released photos of the suspects, who they deemed to be “armed and dangerous,” in attempt to generate new information on the suspects whereabouts.

“All three suspects are armed in the video,” Cpl. Deon Washington said in a statement. “They are not wearing masks and we highly anticipate someone recognizing them. They should be considered armed and dangerous and a threat to the community.”

The video is being released nearly a week after police were called to a home on Spring Drive, near the DeKalb County line, in unincorporated Gwinnett County on Sept. 16. Officials said at the time of the shooting that officers arrived at the home just before 4 a.m., after a woman who was staying at the home called 911 to report the incident.

Police have said the woman is a local Asian restaurant owner who was staying at the home because it was convenient for business purposes. The video shows the home was filled with business supplies, including several boxes and packages of what appeared to be paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

The video also shows the woman shooting at the suspects as they fled the house.

“Someone (came) in my house,” the woman told a 911 dispatcher after the suspects fled. “I don’t know how they (came) in … They’ve got a gun.”

The woman fatally shot one of the suspects in the torso, according to police. The deceased suspect was later identified as 28-year-old Atlanta resident Antonio Leeks.

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