Thug Steals Woman’s Purse At Gas Station, Woman Climbs On His Car To Stop Him


DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A Florida woman is speaking about her dangerous encounter with an accused purse snatcher at a gas station.

Determined to get her purse back, she jumped onto the roof of the man’s car to get him to stop.

“It was in the blink of an eye. ‘What is this guy doing in my car? What is he doing?'” robbery victim Janelle Della-Libera said.

Surveillance video shows the man opening her car door and taking her purse from the front seat. When Della-Libera realized she was being ripped off in broad daylight while pumping gas on a Saturday afternoon, she said her instincts took over.

“I ran around to his side of the car and got on the car in the attempt, hoping that he wouldn’t drive off,” Della-Libera said. “I reached into the driver’s side. I had my hand on my handbag and at that point he drove off. So I fell off of the vehicle. When I fell on the floor, my legs were out and his driver’s side tire drove over my foot.”

She was left lying on the ground, injured but alert.

The ordeal left Della-Libera with a severely sprained ankle and lots of cuts and bruises. Doctors were amazed her leg wasn’t shattered.

She will be out of work for a few weeks and on crutches but she is expected to be OK.

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