Man Claiming To Be A War Vet Blocks Entrance On A Bus Because Driver Won’t Let His Supposed Service Dog On


Hard to tell what is the real story here.

A man who claims to be a war vet goes ballistic because this bus driver won’t let his dog onboard.

He claims his dog is service dog but it doesn’t seem like a standard issue military, service dog. It also doesn’t seem to be helping is seemingly growing PTSD issue.

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  • ElvisShotJFK

    If you’re a vet, that doesn’t mean you are entitled to do whatever you want (or to use your service as a crutch). Also, aren’t service animals supposed to have some kind of collar or vest to indicate that they are such? Even if this is a certified “therapy” dog, that does not mean it gets to go with the owner anywhere he goes; service dogs and therapy dogs are not the same thing, and it’s pretty easy to get the latter.

  • Seanybiker

    What a whiny little bitch.