Female Shopkeeper Wrestles With Gunman Wielding AK-47 Assault Rifle as He Tries to Rob Shop


A brave shop assistant fought a robber armed with an authentic-looking AK-47 replica before he escaped with just one bottle of beer.

CCTV footage shows the man walking into the shop in Mariinsk, central Russia, before pulling out the weapon

But the woman refused to be intimated and attempted to wrestle the gun away from him.

Police later revealed the gun was an authentic-looking replica that could fire pellets, but said there was no way that the woman could have known it was not real.

Footage shows the man with a shaved head carrying the assault rifle behind his back as he walks into the store.

He says: ‘Give me three litres of beer’ and she replies ‘It will cost 199 RUB (£2.50). Do you have the money?’

As she starts to pour the beer into a bottle, the man suddenly puts the weapon on the counter.

But the woman, who appears to be unperturbed by the weapon, tells him: ‘Put that thing away.’

The robber replies: ‘I will not, put your hands up. If you push the alarm button I will shoot you.’

But she still refuses to give in, demanding that he pay for the beer.

When he demands the contents of the till, she offers him the beer for free if he leaves. But the man refuses, saying that he needs the money.

He then points the gun at her, at which point she says: ‘Go ahead, try me.’

When the robber goes behind the counter, the shop assistant waves to the CCTV camera to alert security.

The woman then tries to grab the rifle away from him and the pair start wrestling each other for the weapon.

He eventually gets control of the rifle and hits her repeatedly with it, as well as kicking her in the legs. The woman can be heard shouting ‘Mummy’ during the scuffle.

The man then leaves with the beer, saying: ‘Thanks, you stupid woman.’

But the defiant shop assistant refuses to give in to the robber, saying: ‘You are a dead man’ as she pushes the alarm button.

The man then comes back and is seen smashing the shop window as the saleswoman goes to another part of the shop.

The suspect was arrested a few minutes later with the gun. He had not managed to drink his stolen beer before being arrested.

Police say he already has a criminal record and could spend up to 10 years in prison if found guilt.

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