31 yr old man stabbed to death in a Brazilian bar over some money he owed



It happened in Manaus, Brazil, on August 21. The crime took place in a bar in the Camapua Avenue in the neighborhood Cidade Nova, located in the north of Manaus. According to the police the crime was due to a debt that the victim had with a drug dealer of the area.

Gerson Santos dos Santos, 22, Ualisson Neves Carneiro, 27, the Magrelo, were arrested because of the murder of Jaisson Miranda da Silva, 31, ocurred in a bar in Camapuã Avenue neighborhood Cidade Nova, north of Manaus. According to the delegate Ivo Martins, the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (DEHS), the crime happened due to the victim’s debt to a drug dealer in the area.

Martins said police still seeking information fugitive Leandro de Souza, the Pacifier and dealer, who did not be named. According to the delegate, Gerson, Ualisson and Leandro arrived in a car, Ethios model, white board and not disclosed.

Still according to Martins, Gerson was in the vehicle while Ualisson and Leandro entered the establishment and attacked Jaisson. “Ualisson held the victim, who tried to run into the bar, while Leandro attacked him several times with a knife. The car belonged to Gerson’s father,” said the delegate.

After the crime the duo got into the car and fled the scene.

Jaisson was taken to the hospital and Emergency Plato Araújo, on the east side, where succumbed to his injuries. “Jaisson sold and consumed drugs. The drug dealer ordered killed him,” he said.

The delegate Luiz Rocha, of DEHS, said the duo was arrested by images of site security cameras analysis. Gerson was arrested on the morning of Thursday, in the especializada building and Ualisson at his house in Canaranas whole north.

In the report, the suspects denied involvement in the murder.

The duo was charged with aggravated murder. They will be forwarded to the Public Jail Raimundo Vidal Pessoa.

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