CCTV Cameras catch an Ex-Husband stab his ex-wife 20 times, expected to serve 30yrs in Jail



On the early morning of September 19th, a woman who worked at a gas station was brutally attacked by her ex-husband, who stabbed her 20 times before attempting to flee. The video shows that the offender threatens a colleague who tries to help the victim by saying that he was armed with a gun and nobody should meddle. After committing the crime, the man tried to escape only to be captured by police officers who had arrived on the scene. The victim received serious wounds on the neck and jaw, is currently in a coma. A month ago, the attacker was cited to respond for an accusation of a previous attack on his partner, where he had already cut her face, but the victim withdrew the process. Now he has admitted his guilt and is now expecting to serve 30 years in the most fucked up prison in the country.

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