Keith Scott, the supposed saint shot by police, was a wife beater and stabber, child abuser and served 7 years for aggravated assault


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Police said that Keith Scott did have a loaded gun when Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Brentley Vinson shot and killed him last week, and on Monday, sources told Channel 9 that that gun was stolen.

Police sources said someone else stole the gun during a home break-in and later sold it to Scott.

It’s not clear if police knew who they were confronting last week, or Scott’s history, or if that weighed into the decision to use deadly force.

But new documents do point to Scott’s extensive and violent past.

Channel 9 obtained a domestic violence protective order that Scott’s wife took out on him last year.

The order, filed in Gaston County, said that Scott hit his child in the head with his fist, kicked his wife and threatened to kill them with his gun.

It also claimed that Scott told his family that “he’s a killer and they should know that.”

It went on to say that Scott has a 9 mm handgun that he did not have a permit for it and that he is a convicted felon.

The order was dismissed a month later when Scott’s wife said he was no longer a threat to the family.

In the order, Scott’s wife wrote that he had been incarcerated, so Channel 9 tracked down those records to Bexar County, Texas.

Documents show he served seven years in prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a one-year, three-month sentence for evading arrests. Records show that both incidents happened in 2002, but his sentence didn’t start until 2005.

But a year before the prison sentence started, Scott came back in 2004 to Mecklenburg County.

Channel 9 uncovered another domestic violence protective order filed by his wife Rakeyia Scott. It claimed her husband stabbed her in the back, almost puncturing her lungs.

Those who knew Scott said he was a gentleman and a devoted father. They said his life was forever changed last November when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle crash in Charleston, South Carolina.

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