CCTV Captures Double Homicide in Pinhais Brazil


A security camera recorded a shooting that ended with two people dead and another injured on Wednesday afternoon on September 28th), in Pinhais Brazil, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba. The  CCTV footage on the incident was released on Thursday (29th) by the civil police.

The video shows friends, Ismael Teixeira Filho, 33, and Jean Fernandes Dias, 34, drinking beer and chatting at the counter of the establishment. Shortly thereafter, they are surprised by two suspects, who appear in the bar door and start shooting. The victims died on the spot.

Another customer of the bar was hit in the arm, but is doing well. The crime of the reason is still a mystery to the police. Anyone who has information about the authors of the double murder can contact the police station in Pinhais, at (41) 3665-5250.

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