Russian Schoolgirl Is Dragged Off The Street And Bundled Into A Car In Bridal Kidnapping


This is the shocking moment a 16-year-old Russian schoolgirl was dragged off the street – the latest in what’s being termed as a ‘bridal kidnapping ‘.

The practice – rife in this area of southwest Russisa – involves young women being kidnapped by admirers in order to force them into marriage.

Young women who have been taken and kept hostage are left with ruined reputations – which the kidnappers hope will force their families into agreeing to a wedding.

The latest chilling incident – in the city of Orenburg on the border with Kazakhstan – was captured on CCTV .

Video footage shows the schoolgirl walking alone in a car park on a deserted street.

A man is then seen casually approaching the girl from behind, grabbing her and trying to drag her into his car.

But the teenage girl puts up a strong fight as she writhes around on the ground – and the attacker can be struggling to drag her back to the vehicle.

She stands no chance when a second person – a heavyset WOMAN – walks over looking as if she is about to intervene, but then incredibly helps the man to bundle the girl into the car.

The girl was then shoved into the back seat of the black car – although she continues to struggle tries to open the door to get out.

The kidnappers then drive off – the only trace of what happened is the girl’s plastic bag left lying on the ground.

Local police confirmed the kidnapping took place – and said that a third person had been in the car when the attack was carried out.

Three people have been charged with the kidnapping of a minor while the investigation is continuing.

Police said that one of the members is aged 24, another aged 40, and the woman is aged 31.

They said that the three had kidnapped her to an apartment where they wanted to force her to marry the younger man who claimed he had fallen in love with her, and was not prepared to accept rejection.

The girl was freed alive and has thankfully been reunited with her family.

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