Man Brutally knocks a woman the f*ck out! Outside a Venice Grocery Store.



Police are looking for a man who knocked out a woman during an argument captured on video at a Venice Beach market over the weekend, officials said.

In the video, recorded by cameras at Windward Farms, a woman in a black shirt is seen in a terse exchange with a burly man in a tank top about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The pair didn’t know each other personally but recognized each other from a disagreement earlier in the day, LAPD Sgt. John Marquez said.

The argument sparked up again at the store, where one customer had to step between the two, the video showed.

Eventually, the woman exited the store, but video shows she waited for the man to leave.


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  • Haywould Youblowme

    Lol all you dumb cunts need to be raped

  • jbstoner43

    America is no longer a great nation. It is a similar to a 3rd world nation. No language, no culture and no borders.

  • Nick Watson

    “knocked down” but not “knocked out”