Kingman Police Release Body Cam Footage Of Fatal Shooting Of Armed Suspect


KINGMAN, Ariz. – Bullhead City police, tasked with investigating a Thursday Kingman police shooting which killed a suspect, have identified three officers involved.

Detective Dennis Gilbert, 57, remains in serious but stable condition at the hospital.

Gilbert and 27-year-old detective Nicholas Schmitz have been placed on paid administrative leave, which Bullhead City PD said was customary in any instance of a shooting in which officers are involved.

Lieutenant James Brice, 58, had a bullet pass through his clothes but he was not injured as the officers were wearing tactical gear while serving a search warrant.

Jeffrey Clair Cave, 53, was killed in the shootout, which stemmed from a stolen firearm warrant.

According to police, the gun Cave used to shoot at officers was not the gun involved in the warrant.

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  • s trav

    apparently taser means all open fire lol

    • LLamaPie

      Did you even read? The dude got 2 shots off at the cops in a matter of micro seconds.

      • s trav


        • Gabriel Gatz

          you are obviously a troll

          • s trav

            No I’m a Garden gnome

  • Son of Liberty

    Get ready you Could be next

  • George Spelvin

    Note the restraint of the officers when the gun was seen.

    Note the use of the Taser first.

    Note how the suspect raised and fired his gun as soon as the Taser was brought up.

    The officers put themselves at risk by NOT shooting an armed suspect as soon as he was seen holding the gun.

  • George Spelvin

    Near as I can parse that clip:

    Taser comes up a 0:51.5.

    Suspects gun comes up at 0:52.25

    Suspect shoots at 0:52.5

    Cops shoot at 0:53.25