Israeli Mayor Shoots His Assailant To Death, Gets Charged With Murder


Salman Amar, head of the Arab-Druze Julis Local Council, is accused of shooting 7 shots at Munir Nabuani, another Julis resident, after Nabuani attacked Amar with a club.

Amar is accused of continuing to fire even after Nabuani was lying on the ground, his back to Amar.

The incident took place on September 5, near the local council building. Nabuani, a gardening contractor, had previous disagreements with Amar. He approached Amar’s car and struck its windshield with a stick. Amar then got out his car, and shot Nabuani several times till he died. Amar then left the scene, and turned himself in to the police several hours later.

The mayor is also accused he tried to hide the gun after the shooting.

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  • Haywould Youblowme

    Jew on jew crime is such a problem here. Too bad you never hear about it from the media, cause the Jews own all the media. Lol jk. The truth is that bullets are too expensive. Lol get it? Cause Jews are cheap.
    But seriously, Jews have been kicked out of every country they have ever been to.

    • Marc DeMaat

      Mr Youblowme, the story says the men are/were Arabs, not Jews.

    • Gil Ronen

      Well done posting a racist comment. Next time be sure you fucking know who you are being racist towards. The mayor and the victim are Arab. Skinheaded shit…

      • jbstoner43

        Good job.

      • cvalero

        Learn to take a joke you fucking prick.

      • Umadbreh

        Shut the fuck up you worthless piece of juden scheisse.