Pensacola Police Officer Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge, Florida


A Pensacola police officer saves a woman from taking her own life. Now that officer is being commended for his actions.

Early Friday morning, Officer Gregory Gomez heard a call saying a woman was standing on Interstate 110.

“Passersbyers said she looked like she wanted to jump, so luckily I was right there during the call,” Gomez said.

When he pulled up, the woman ignored Gomez and the questions he was asking her. The ledge she was standing on is less than a foot wide and about 40 to 50 feet above Fairfield Drive.

“I just kept trying to talk to her, I didn’t want to draw her attention to me. As I got closer I noticed she wasn’t paying any attention,” Gomez said. “As soon as I got as close as I could, I snatched her off and pulled her down and had her sit against the wall.”

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