Portland Police Deal With A Very Angry, Unruly Train Passenger


Portland Police responded to a disturbance call on a TriMet Max train.

A black man was yelling at passengers so the police were called to get him off the train, but the man decided to start a fight with them instead.

After about 8 minutes of talking with the angry man, the police were forced to take action, tackling and tasering him.

He was arrested and booked.

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  • BB /Vetted

    When you undermine law enforcement with lies and fake narratives (hands up) this is what you get. Thanks Obama and Hitlery. All your bros are looking for their 5 minutes of fame by goading the cops.

    You Don’t Have The Right To Act Up like an BARBARIAN in Public… No Lawyers White or Black Even Your NAACP will Never Take your Case.!!!!!