Triple Homicide Defended Threatens To Kill Judge And Her Family At Her Home


An accused triple murderer in Kentucky who authorities say stabbed two teens to death to cover up another slaying is looking at even more charges after he threatened a judge on Friday.

Courtroom video shows Brice Rhodes repeatedly vowing to track down Louisville Judge Amber Wolf and her family. Rhodes was in court on charges of attacking and injuring one inmate in August, and spitting on another in September. “I’m gonna keep talking because I don’t want to have to see you back here for this,” Judge Wolf said during the tense exchange, which was captured on video obtained by WDRBand the Courier-Journal.

“I don’t care! I don’t care!” Rhodes replies, according to the station. “Don’t you think I’m gonna [expletive] find out where you live at? … [expletive] I don’t give a [expletive] about none of that! I didn’t do [expletive]! I’ll be out!” “So you’re saying you’re going to find out where I live at?” the judge replied.

“I don’t give a [expletive] about none of that!” exclaimed Rhodes, who was strapped into a chair and wearing a faceguard. “You got family! I’ll be out!” “Okay,” Wolf said.

Rhodes will face charges of terroristic threatening and intimidating a participant in the legal process. He was already charged with killing 16-year-old Maurice Gordon and 14-year-old Larry Ordway in Shawnee in May. Their burned bodies were dumped behind an abandoned house, according to authorities. Detectives say Rhodes killed the teens so they wouldn’t speak about his involvement in a prior shooting death.

Judge Wolf, who stood firm against Rhodes, showed her compassionate side last month when she allowed an inmate to meet his 1-month-old baby for the first time in her courtroom. Earlier this year, Judge Wolf expressed outrage when a woman was brought into her courtroom without proper clothing.

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