2 Women Fight At Walmart Over Last Case Of Water Before Hurricane Matthew Hits!


Two woman, one of which, quite ENORMOUS, fought over the last case of water at this Walmart in Florida as hurricane Matthew approached the Floridian coast.


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  • Old_Redneck_Cowboy

    Where are the white people? Already stocked up on toilet paper and milk?

    This gal looks like she is no stranger to picking up her last minute survival needs AFTER the store closes. Somebody should tell this woman there’s always at least 2 1/2 gallons of drinkable water in every toilet. Just don’t tell her it’s in the tank, not the bowl.

    These are the type of videos that make me root for the hurricane.

    • opinionated_too

      Don’t forget the 30+ gallons in the water heater.

  • Power2Glory

    Did one of them get the last watermelon?

  • Torque

    It was a fight over the last purple drank.

  • Dayum, thats a huge stinky sheboon, I didnt know they made them so ungainly and ugly. So they are fighting over water? Its just like the jungle at Walmart.