80 year old man is sent flying after hit by speeding car, hit and run


This is the dramatic moment an 80-year-old man is flung several feet into the air by a speeding car – and survives.

CCTV footage shows the man, who suffered serious injuries, leaning back to let a car past after walking into the road to open the door of his own vehicle. But the man soon realizes an approaching car has no intention of slowing down and as he tries to jump out of the way he is hit and catapulted into the air.

Shop owner Naser Ansari claims the man called Mr Donaldson is currently recovering in hospital after sustaining two broken legs, as well as injuries to his back and fingers.

The 27-second clip captured on Mr Ansari’s CCTV shows cars parked on both sides of the road and Mr Donaldson is only in the road for a few seconds before he is hit.

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  • Vladimir Chertok

    ouch thats gonna leave a mark.

  • David Huffman

    thats what you get for being old, you punk ass

    • zodd

      What’s your excuse fo being fat and ugly going by your avatar.

      • David Huffman

        You have to at least have some truth to your insult for it to have any effect. I am quite comfortable with my looks and am no where near “fat” lol