Sick mother tries to suffocate own toddler with a pillow


A young mother by the name of Tutut Siti Aminah (26) was arrested yesterday after a video of her abusing her own child went viral on social media recently.

In the video (linked here, warning: NSFW and extremely disturbing), a woman can be seen standing on two ends of a pillow and using it to squeeze down on a small child’s head, in what looks like an attempt to suffocate the child. The child, whose face was never seen, cried and writhed in pain throughout the video.

The Jakarta Metro Police eventually managed to identify the woman as Tutut and the child as her own.

To the police, Tutut admitted her actions and said that she did it to get back at her husband.

“The suspect was upset [and took it out on her child] because her husband was arrested by the South Tangerang Police in a drug case,” said Jakarta Metro Police Spokesman Awi Setiyono, as quoted by Okezone yesterday.

In addition, according to Tutut, she got even more upset that her husband, identified as Erlangga, accused her of selling herself for money.

Tutut filmed the abuse of her own child on September 26 in her own home in the Tangerang regency and sent it to Erlangga, who was in police custody. Erlangga then uploaded the video to Youtube and Facebook in the hopes that somebody could rescue his child from Tutut’s abuse.

It’s not clear what injuries, if any, the child has received from the abuse. Tutut may be charged with 3-and-a-half years in prison and a fine of up to Rp 72 million for violating Child Protection Laws.

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