BRUTAL! After a Car Chase, man gets Tasered trying to flee, faceplants hard on the highway!


A man led police on a car chase that started in Garland, ending it quickly when he ran onto a busy interstate highway and fell down from being Tasered.

WFAA broke into its regular programming with live video from its helicopter, showing a pickup eastbound on Interstate 30 in Garland about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday being pursued by police.

Live video on WFAA showed the man had exited the highway and was driving the pickup through traffic on nearby roads, then jumped out and ran onto I-30, dodging oncoming vehicles. He made it across, jumped the concrete barrier between east and westbound I-30, and then fell down when an officer apparently Tasered him.

Video shows cars driving right by him, but not hitting him. He was safely escorted back to near the pickup.

FOX 4 reported the chase began nearby when police responded to reports of a suspicious person in a pickup in Rockwall. He led police on the 13-minute chase, reaching speeds of 90-100 mph before the dangerous conclusion on a busy interstate, FOX 4 reported.

FOX 4 later identified the suspect as Clinton Lang, reporting he was allegedly the getaway driver for another man who was trying to shoplift from the Kohl’s. Lang is charged with organized retail theft and evading police, and he had felony warrants out for organized retail theft and theft.

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