Man fires shots into neighbor’s house before he’s killed by deputy


Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has released surveillance and dashcam video of the deputy involved shooting after a man shot his neighbor and shot at a deputy in unincorporated St. Petersburg on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Surveillance video shows 65-year-old Larry Dennis Hoad brandishing a 9mm handgun. Hoad is seen firing multiple shots including into his neighbor’s home. Dashcam video of the incident shows Sergeant Matt McLane’s encounter with Hoad.

Sheriff Gualtieri credited Deputy Jeff Nelson for his quick thinking and heroic efforts that kept shooting victim, 30-year-old Shawn Smith, alive until paramedics arrived. “Deputy Nelson took off his uniform shirt, bulletproof vest and t-shirt. He took his t-shirt and stuffed it into Smith’s chest and was able to stop the blood flow. Because of that, he [Smith] did not bleed out at the scene”.

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  • DirtyHarry.44

    So the back up that arrives…backs up?!

    • WTFAgent

      Yes, trying not to get too much on camera.

      • 666efg

        good.. back that shit up then unload on the fuck tard

  • Leon Wilkeson

    Difference in White people and black people? I want criminals taken out. I want criminals to be shamed/maimed. Good riddance to this dumbass.
    In the land of DINDU, they’d be saying, “He a good keeeiiiiiddddd. He dindu nuffin!”

  • David

    He didn’t do nuffin’. Old man was about to get back on his feet and get a high school diploma.

  • Demelicos

    That guy didn’t do nothing #WhiteLivesMatter
    Oh shit, I used proper English, it devalues my statement.

    Sorry, had to say it.

  • Independent

    video time stamp 10/11/2016
    video quality: 1992 VHS.