Police Officers ask a man to exit the Car 20x, man refuses, now the man’s claiming Excessive Force was used.



A controversial stop and arrest by Louisville Metro Police was caught on video, and it has some in the community concerned about an officer’s use-of-force protocol. Two LMPD Officers can be heard giving at least 20 commands to suspect Montez Williams. “Get out of the vehicle. Step out of the vehicle. Step out of the vehicle. Put your hands on there. You step out of the vehicle and you do it now. Step out of the vehicle. I am giving you a lawful order. You’re going to do it. 413 David, start some cars this way. (radio chatter) Get out of the vehicle. Get out of the vehicle.”

The original YouTube video showed the force that was used. In that video, a man records the arrest as his friend claims the officers went over the line while trying to put handcuffs on him. But, opinions are split over that. Late Wednesday afternoon, police also released a statement, which reads in part, “The public should look at LMPD’s Use of Force Policy, which states when officers are confronted with situations where control must be exercised, “it continues,” there are times when they may use reasonable physical force.”

The video was posted by Antwoin Jackson. We haven’t been able to reach him for comment. According to police, two men were pulled over by LMPD officers at 1317 Berry Boulevard at about 3 p.m. in the afternoon for a traffic violation. Police said the driver, Montez Williams, switched seats with the passenger. Officers said they smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the car. They said Williams refused to exit the car. LMPD said they were within the rules and regulations to use reasonable force in this case. They promise a full review. Montez Williams is charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and several traffic violations.

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  • “Somebody call 911!” Holy crap. This dumbass. If he’d just complied and not played stupid games in order to provoke a situation he probably would have walked away with a ticket (but I’ll bet he had warrants). instead they’ll go yard on him and charge him with everything they can.

    I didn’t see anything excessive in this detention. They were using compliance techniques and minimal force in order to affect an arrest. Using a taser in this circumstance would have been excessive.

  • Leo60

    Lying POS deserves to be SHOT in the FACE.

    • WTFAgent

      Exactly. Shoot him until he complies. It’s pretty simple to obey the law.