Teenager Caught Riding Bike On The Roof Of A Lamborghini


Cyclist Izzad Adnaff, 15, takes a 100 foot long long run-up, hops his bike onto the hood at full speed and rolls over the windscreen – which bends with the impact.

Car owner Aaron Rylan, 28, was doing bench presses at the gym when he glanced out of he window and saw the youngster doing a stunt on the roof of the yellow Gallardo.

The businessman raced outside but the teenager and his pals had disappeared – so Aaron checked his dashcam which had been left recording.

He posted the footage on social media and, incredibly, Izzad’s mother saw the footage – and dragged her son over to apologize.

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  • Nick Musetti

    28 year old businessman with a lambo? drugs, arab, born into massive wealth, or has a tech startup that sold.