Car full of Armed Robbers Flees Chicago PD, ends in a Fatal Crash



A police chase that began in Tinley Park ended violently in Chicago Friday morning (July 01, 2016) when a car full of alleged armed robbers crashed into a police SUV, Two suspect died and four Chicago Police officers were injured in a collision. The two men who died were identified as Jimmy Malone, 26, and Ronald Arrington, 22, of the 12400 block of South Union Avenue. None of the officers suffered life-threatening injuries. All four were in the SUV that was hit by the other car at the intersection of 124th and Union in the West Pullman neighborhood, according to Chicago Police Deputy Supt. John Escalante.

The chase began after an armed robbery at a Tinley Park restaurant, Escalante said. The chase spilled into Chicago, and CPD was asked for assistance catching the four men in the car. Witnesses said the car being chased slammed into an unmarked police SUV, which then careened into a corner home, destroying a metal wheelchair ramp leading into that home. The car being chased rolled over and ended up on its roof. All four men in the car being chased were injured, two with life-threatening injuries, Escalante said.

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