Woman Claims Cop Wrongfully Arrested & Groped Her, Dashcam Tells The WHOLE Story


A woman is suing the city of Layton after she says a police officer wrongfully arrested her for DUI and groped her in the process. The Layton Police Department however says it appears the officer in question did nothing wrong. Footage from the July 25 incident shows the encounter between Amanda Houghton and an officer.

Houghton: “Don’t touch me!”

Officer: “Stop!”

Houghton: “Don’t touch me!”

Officer: “I can search you, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Houghton said she had gone to pick up a medication for her son that day when she was rear-ended at a stop light by another car traveling at 30 to 40 miles per hour.

“I called 911 to get some officers’ help, and it went downhill from there,”.

The officer suspected Houghton was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and administered a field sobriety test. Houghton’s lawyer, Robert Sykes, said his client should not have been tested for sobriety under the circumstances.

“She had her bell rung, she was shaken up, no bones broken, but she was shaken up,” he said. “She was jittery and for whatever reason, this foolish officer thought he would do a field sobriety test on her.”

Houghton said she couldn’t believe it when they tested her.

“When they were doing the sobriety test I thought it was a joke,” she said. “I’ll just play along with it and get it over with and go home and take care of my kids.”

But what Sykes feels is just as egregious is that a female officer wasn’t called in to pat down his client.

“This is a bully cop, abusing his authority, and it shouldn’t happen,” he said.

Blood drawn from Houghton at the jail, and separate tests she had done at a hospital, came back negative for any traces of drugs or alcohol. Still, Houghton is being charged with DUI. Because litigation is pending, Layton Police say they can’t say much.

“From viewing the video, it does not look like the officer did anything unlawful,” Lt. Travis Lyman, a spokesman for the department, said.

Lyman says the Layton Police Department has only three female officers, so it’s unlikely one would be available whenever a female needs to be searched. He said that it’s common for a male to search a female.

“It was horrible, I was yelling at him to stop touching me,” she said. “’Get somebody here to watch you grope me,’ I think were my words, I felt very violated.”

While saying it appears the officer broke no laws, Layton police are looking for ways to improve.

“It does appear that she was startled by that, and so that’s part of what we’re examining internally: Is there an obligation on our part to make sure that somebody knows that we are about to conduct a search?” Lyman said.

A review of police policies is something Houghton thinks is long overdue.

“I want some changes, I would love to trust the police again,” she said.

Sykes says he has given Layton City a settlement proposal of behalf of Amanda Houghton, but says he hasn’t heard from the city.

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  • Visigoth

    I don’t ANYTHING wrong, the officer was very respectful at all times.

  • Jack Crowe

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    Poor cops, I tell you this society has been bought to make their lives a living hell by these idiots!


      Why you sound upset. But you’re just the typical white guy talking sh;t behind a keyboard

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    • GW

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      • The.one.and.only

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    • RH

      That comes AT the jail with female jail people. Just before they take them in, they are asked ONE more time, do you have anything illegal on your person, because once we go inside, and if we find something, you will be charged with a FELONY.
      Worked in/around law enforcement for over 20 years. lDIOTS would always try to stuff things in places. Real easy to turn a non felony charge of say no operators license or something stupid, into an additional charge for introducing contraband into a jail.

      • The.one.and.only

        U law enforcement ? Fuck u . ACAB

        • digitaldizza

          Was that really necessary?

          • The.one.and.only

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          • digitaldizza

            And the dumb just keep becoming dumber.


    Head injury – YES. no concussion protocol for police?

    Search problem? Hell no

  • Craig Martin

    Since when is it acceptable for male officers to search females?Show me ANYWHERE it says they can and not be slapped with a lawsuit..It doesn’t matter if you have zero female officers,a female must be called to search another female,especially around the tits..I GUARANTEE she will be compensated..And the DUI arrest and charge?NOT A CHANCE IN HELL..A blood test which is even more precise than a breath test,CONFIRMED there were neither drugs or alcohol on board her system..You guys missed this one big-time..

    • Reptiles Rule The World

      As long as it’s been acceptable for female cops to search males.

    • digitaldizza

      You fail to understand the law Craig. There is no laws that state that a male can’t search a female. I have yet to see an agency that had an internal policy that said the same. There are obviously techniques taught to the male officer in the video on how to search effectively but to not “violate” a female.

  • Drams to dreams

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  • Peon

    Oh crap…..she was the one who was rear-ended, aka. struck by another vehicle, and then the cop thinks she’s drunk or high, all while never possibly thinking she had a head injury? And she’s the one who called the cops? And then the tests came back negative? Oh boy, I think a certain cop, or cops, are going to be in trouble. Sorry dudes, but this cop was out of line.

  • Based on what I see in the video, I would assume she was intoxicated. But blood tests proved otherwise. As far as her claim that she was sexually assaulted, well, that either happened off camera or it didn’t happen. That being said, knowing how claims of SA is used as a means of retaliation, it is utterly stupid for any male cop to search a female suspect. At least he did it in full view of the camera.

    Now for anti-statism time…
    If in fact the blood tests are correct and she wasn’t intoxicated, what this was is a state sponsored abduction under a false pretense. That is a violation of her human rights and a civil liberties violation.

    Her falsely accusing the cop of SA, is not only an attempted violation of the cop’s human rights, but a perpetuation of the number one reason so many SA survivors fear coming forward. False accusations harm the cause of accountability in terms of SA and it harms the faith people have in the honesty of all accusers.

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