Leg Op Patient ‘Attacked By Nurse – After He Asked For Painkillers’


A BBC worker recovering from a major op to save his legs from amputation told how he was attacked by a nurse – when he asked for painkillers. Hammad Rashid (doub corr), 27, was coming round from surgery when he claims an NHS staff nurse attacked him after he asked for painkillers to help him sleep.

Maintenance worker Hammad had waited patiently for the painkillers, but after asking several times over three hours he felt he was being ignored and began recording the nurses on his phone. But he said one nurse suddenly confronted him and tried to grab his phone with such force it was thrown across the bed, ripping the drip from his hand.

Hammad, a devout Muslim, also says he was served bacon by the nurse just hours before and felt scared and intimidated by her

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  • sawney

    fuck up you prick and eat the Bacon, the poor nurses are busy enough without seeing to your needs