Man gets shot during traffic altercation in Chicago


Viewer discretion-is advised, this video was submitted to me by numerous people who witnessed the altercation.

The guy that was shot lived but a few hours later another shooting occurred in the very same spot and the guy in that altercation wasn’t so lucky.

Please be aware that this is a warning to just stay low and out of the way because the city isn’t getting any better no time soon.

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  • dxsmopuim

    This is what happens to your city and country when you allow a single democrat to live and breathe. When are you going to learn , America ? You can kill them all NOW or you can live with this endless crime and violence for all eternity.

    • Cronovras Marhl

      Good lord, you’re a fucking dummy. You’re the poster child for after birth abortions.

  • That Coward With The Cam.!!! Hiding.!!!!!

  • Learn how to do a video dumb ass! I saw nothing but sky!