Woman spits in man’s face when he asks her to move her car…..while holding her child!


Yes another typical example of the parents that use Saint Mary’s primary academy Kettering.

I know its absolutely disgusting isn’t it. I mean she parks on my CLEARLY MARKED private drive and then well you can see the way she acts, THANKS AGAIN SAINT MARYS OF KETTERING , excellent job.

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  • What A Mouth She Have.!!!!! Maybe He Should ask Her For a Blow-Job.????

  • The Truth Commission

    …and we wonder how there is so many shitty kids in the schools, at work, in public, etc. Geez, what a dirty slag. Shitty parents, SHITTY KIDS!

  • sawney

    scummy bitch, she didnt even put her kid in a child seat

    • Barlowmaker

      Those kids don’t have a chance. They’re born to be louts.

  • Phong Le

    British language

  • foo

    Pretty sure the guy is a cunt and it’s not the first time he looks for trouble with her. he knows exactly who she is and fuck with her at every occasion he can get. Passive-agressive game at his best.

    • BobOrDoug

      Couldn’t agree more. Bad behaviour on both’s behalves. Recording her and the tone of his “Excuse ME?!” were dick moves. She should have just stayed with the “Look, I know I should not have done this, but I needed to pick up my kid and I have a little one too …” and NOT spit. I would have to side with her more, because she is British and has kids.

  • Albert

    That little kiddo is going to grow up to be a fine young man.

  • Marco Antonio Tatero Spindler

    what a douche

    • Jeremy Loos

      I know she is, isn’t she.

  • Attila The Hun

    Hahah wtf both are f ing stupid

    • Praetorian

      What did he do wrong?

      • Attila The Hun

        Acting like a stalker/rapeist.

        • Praetorian

          Bitch was in his private driveway, which I’m sure the slapper has done before, as well as others. He questions her about it and she spits in his face. He is on his property, she is trespassing. Stalker/rapist, give me a break. He also was documenting proof of her transgressions. He should have had the vehicle towed.

          • Attila The Hun

            So what call the police and report her not filming like a douche

          • Praetorian

            Evidence needed to avoid, the he said, she said conundrum.

          • Praetorian

            She would’ve gotten bashed or spit on, sorry youngster, your mom is a slapper.

        • RollOnWheelie

          She trespasses on private property and commits assault and the gentleman filming it is a RAPIST???!! You’ve got your priorities in order, mate.

  • Gail Levita Andros

    She is a shocking parent for placing her child in the front seat without any care for him at all.
    Regardless of the guy filming, she should have only had concerns for the child.
    Spitting and Swearing shows what a worthless role model she is to her son, hope he’s ok

  • ‎Sergei Mikhailov

    she’s a hot dirty slag

  • Praetorian

    Any men in the UK?

  • btmlvr

    Filthy fucking white nigger gave beast bitch her and them dirty fuckin cavelets beasts would have got the shit stomped out of them, white nigger cave beasts all need to be scraped out like the CANCER THEY ARE!!!