Shocking VIDEO shows father DUMPING 5 year old daughter out in COLD So he Can Party


A man has been arrested after he was allegedly filmed dumping his five-year-old daughter outside a university in near-freezing conditions in the middle of the night so he could take drugs.

Adrian Justin Sanchez, 41, is now facing a felony charge of child abuse by abandonment after apparently being caught on camera abandoning daughter Acelynn.

He dumped the girl, wearing her pajamas, on the front step of the Ogden Weber Applied Technology College in Utah, with a few blankets.

The footage over the two hours she was left alone shows her trying the building’s door handle and making a bed on the concrete and falling asleep.

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  • AbItCrAzE

    Sanchez say’s it all; BUILD THE WALL !!!

    • Gail Levita Andros

      Agree but regarless of race this child deserves much better. Give her a good home and deport the parents

      • AbItCrAzE

        Amen . . . I did have that in the back of my mind. I didn’t mean to exclude the need for a safe environment for the child.

        she definitely deserve’s WwwAaaYYY better than that fool; for a father..

    • David Huffman

      I’m totally onboard to deport and build the wall, but we have no idea if he was illegal. Jumping to conclusions like that is racist and is exactly the fuel that the liberal left feeds their fire when they talk about trump and his racist followers. Let’s not dirty up the message even more